Walking Dead : Behind-the-Scenes with Project Prometheus and TWIST OF FATE

Project Prometheus BadgeThe concept of the Zombie is one that’s been twisted and mangled so much by Hollywood, it bears little resemblance to the original concept of a Zombie as believed by faith structures like Vodun, or seen in mythology dating back into antiquity (the first written reference I’ve ever been able to find, in my research, dates back almost as far as written language). Zombies, by both Vodun standards and according to ancient mythology, were human agents (ie, living people) made to appear dead through the use of plants with psychoactive effects and trance-like states and “curses” performed on the person. Through this, it became possible for another person to control that person’s actions. However, much like hypnotism, the Zombie could not be forced to perform acts their own moral compass would instinctively halt. However, while many psychology professionals will tell you that a person won’t do anything under hypnosis that goes against his/her basic moral compass, I’ve often wondered what it would take to erase that line. Could a certain combination of drugs, or toxins, or some other influence (hence where the Vodun comes in), cause the line between right and wrong to blur, under hypnosis?

From my research into religions like Vodun, an idea began to take shape. If Vodun priests could make a person disappear, have them declared dead, then have them reappear, looking like the animated dead, what would stop an organization like the Brotherhood of Spiders from doing the same? And a story began to take shape, that is at once very tragic, and very capable of restoring hope.

I decided to explore this concept in TWIST OF FATE, with Nicholas and Misty Jarrod, whose marriage ended in tragedy. Or did it?

Look for the book that started it all, IN HER NAME, available at Amazon.com or from Desert Breeze Publishing!