BURDEN OF PROOF Available for Sale

Burden of Proof is now available on Amazon.com in both ebook and paperback!

The charities benefited by this book are the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) and The Rape Foundation. Half of all royalties from the sales of this book will be divided between these two charities, annually.

Thank you to the talented Nikita Gordyn for the beautiful cover art.

This book contains possible triggers for those who are survivors of rape and domestic violence. Chapter specifically involving trigger information will be marked with a trigger warning.

About the book:

When Justice Fails, Can Love Prevail?

Chelsea Hanover prides herself on one undisputed fact; she’s never lost a case. A crack young defense attorney, she takes only cases she believes in, and sticks to her rule of never mixing business with pleasure. Now, Pittsburgh socialite Marlene Cavarella has been arrested in the fatal stabbing of her wealthy husband, Dominic, and Chelsea finds herself thrust into the midst of a murder case set to turn her entire reality inside out. And the only man who might save her is a man she doesn’t want to trust, or to love.

Burden of Proof Final

If you, or someone you love, has been the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault,  please know you are not alone.  Domestic violence and sexual assault crimes are the  largest number of unreported crimes in the US and Europe. Break the silence, and help take back the night.  For help, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or  RAINN at 1-800-656-4673. 

Get involved, and help take violence out of our homes, and rapists off the streets. Contact  your local shelters and domestic crisis organizations.  Together, we all make a difference.


“In Morning’s Light” — Excerpt from BURDEN OF PROOF

Burden of Proof Final



Assistant District Attorney Justin Blakely believes only in the letter of the law. When asked to prosecute a dangerous woman accused of killing her husband with sixty-four stab wounds to the chest, he sees only a butcher who should be locked away for her depraved act. But when he comes up against the woman’s driven, feisty attorney, he knows Chelsea Hanover has the power to change his mind. And, as he realizes her aim is truth rather than law, he can do nothing but respect her integrity. Knowing she’s stumbling into trouble, he’ll do anything to save her from herself, even if the casualty of his crusade is the law in which he believes

“In Morning’s Light” — Excerpt from BURDEN OF PROOF —

Justin blinked awake to the feel of warm fingers on his face. Opening burning eyes, he looked up to see Chelsea sitting on the edge of her hospital bed, fully clothed, with her right arm in a sling. The fingers of her good hand traced his stubbly cheek again, as a soft smile touched her face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look disreputable, before.” The soft lilt of teasing in her husky voice twisted his heart in the best way. She frowned, then. “I think I remember talking to you, last night. Have you been here all night?”

He sat up straighter, stifling a yawn as he glanced at his watch. Six-thirty. “Yeah, you did. And yes, I have.”

Her frown deepened, confusion and fear written in its lines. “You’ve been here every night when I go to sleep, and every morning when I wake up. Why?”

He tensed in surprise. He hadn’t expected to be cross-examined about his motives.

“Because I l–” He stopped, sucking in the words he was about to say. She wasn’t ready to hear how he felt. Not yet.

“Because I promised you I’d stay,” he answered instead, his voice husky with sleep and emotion. “The doctor says you have nightmares when I’m not here. I promised you I’d be here for you, and so…”

He managed an awkward shrug. He couldn’t tell her how important helping her was to him.

She shook her head slowly, as if having trouble thinking. With the amount of blunt force trauma she took to the head, he wasn’t surprised. Fresh anger shot through him, and he squeezed her good hand gently.

“You still haven’t told me what happened.” Her worried gaze searched his.

“Don’t you remember?”

“I… I think so. I just don’t know what’s real, and what’s a nightmare.” She pressed slim fingers to her forehead, eyes squeezed shut in effort. “I remember coming to your office. Talking. We were trying to reach a deal on Marlene’s case.”

He nodded, silently encouraging her to continue. The doctor told him to let her recall things at her own pace. Telling her what happened would force her to face the attack before her psyche was ready, and could be even more damaging.

“We had to go see the D.A. I remember that. And seeing–“

She cut off sharply, sucking in a shaky breath.

He straightened, alerted by her response. “Chelsea? What do you remember?”

She shook her head. “Running. I had to get away. I,” she stopped, thought. “I went home. I needed to hide.”

“From what? From who?”

“From… from everything! From him!”

Look for BURDEN OF PROOF, coming soon from Esther Mitchell and FyrRose Productions!

“Confronting the Past” – Excerpt from BETWEEN WORLDS (Project Prometheus)

Project Prometheus BadgeThere are levels to this book even I haven’t fully grasped, yet (mainly because I’m still writing it). It takes quite a bit of detail juggling, as it ties the starter set of Project Prometheus together. But mostly, it’s the details of these two people, and the complicated, interwoven past they share.

From the outside, these two might seem uncomplicated, but there are so many layers to each of them, I’m almost certain we’re going to see them, again, during the course of this series.

“Confronting the Past” – Excerpt from BETWEEN WORLDS (Project Prometheus, Book #5)

She had no reason to be here. He said he didn’t want to see her. She shouldn’t be here. Delila glanced nervously over her shoulder at the sensation of eyes on her back, even as she inched closer to the hanger door. Hell, she wasn’t supposed to have even been behind the wheel of the jeep. But she couldn’t let Jim leave. Not like this. Not with their argument hanging between them.

The sense of eyes on her grew stronger, and her heart beat like a hummingbird trapped in her throat. Who was out there? She shifted her shoulders uneasily, and nearly screamed when large, hard hands closed over her arms from behind. She nearly wilted at the voice that growled against her ear.

“How the hell did you get here?”

She opened her mouth to tell him, but he cut her off with a gruff, “Scratch that. I don’t care how you got here.”

He spun her around to face him, and Delila swallowed hard as she stared up into Jim Walker’s scowling face and angry green eyes. “What do you want, Delila?”

She stiffened at his snarled demand. This wasn’t the gentle man she knew. This man was beyond angry. But that anger only stiffened her spine more, and she glared back at him.

“I came to apologize.”

The thunderstruck expression on his face nearly made her smile. The anger faded from his eyes, replaced with surprise. “Apologize?”

She nodded, and dropped her gaze from his face. She had to do this. She knew their argument was more her fault than his. But her pride took a beating beneath that knowledge, and his suddenly kind regard. She cleared her throat.

“I didn’t mean to lead you on. I know you thought I was…offering…”

“Shh.” The gentle touch of Jim’s fingertips to her lips startled Delila, and jerked her head up to him. And the soft light in his green eyes twisted her chest and yanked seldom-loosed tears from her eyes. “You have nothing to apologize for, sweetheart.”

“But I… I…”

“You said no.”

She nodded miserably.

He sighed, and his hands dropped to her shoulders, rubbing gently. “Delila. Look at me.”

She glanced up, met his gaze. The serious light in his eyes grabbed hold of her heart and wouldn’t let go.

“You said no.”

“I… I’m sorry.”

“Damn it!” He exploded, releasing her to stalk away. She cringed as he whirled around, his expression intense. “You have the right to say no, Delila. Never apologize for it.”

She hunched her shoulders and mumbled to herself. It hadn’t mattered to John if she said no.

He froze, and the air between them crackled with tension. “What did you say?”

She flinched. She didn’t want to tell him. “Nothing.”

“Delila.” His voice was so gentle as he approached her again that Delila blinked away her tears. “Talk to me, sweetheart.”

She winced, but met his gaze again. “I said, it never mattered before.”

He sucked in a breath, and she watched a new anger kindle in his eyes, but this time, she knew he wasn’t angry at her.

“Who?” He gripped her shoulders again, giving her a tiny shake. “Who hurt you?”