Chapter-A-Week Books

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting one chapter each week of one of my charity books, every Saturday.

I won’t be requiring you to pay to read them. But I would remind you that these books are for charity, and if you like what you’re reading, you can show your appreciation by donating, either weekly or at the end of your reading adventure. At the beginning of each book, I will put up a post detailing the charities the book supports, and why, as well as a “cover synopsis” so you can decide if you’re interested in reading.

Donations will be divided between the charities, and a fund to pay for getting these books published in print, so they can generate more money for the charities.

I’ll be starting tomorrow morning. Happy reading, and I hope you find my writing worth helping out some good causes!

single_candle by hotblack

image by hotblack


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