“Fated” – Excerpt from DARK DESTINY (Project Prometheus)

Project Prometheus BadgeSometimes, being a ghost is the only way to get the job done.  Shayne Richards took her job to heart. She gave up her identity and any connection to her life in order to get close to her target – the Tarantula Brigade’s elusive leader, Dimitri Lapinov.  When his trail leads her to the paradise of Hawaii, Shayne’s about to discover a side of herself that could terrify her more than her target.  A charming man with a daring proposition draws Shayne into the middle of a dangerous game, and she might just find herself unable to choose between the oath she swore to uphold, and the man she’s come to love.

“Fated” – Excerpt from DARK DESTINY (Project Prometheus)-

This was dangerous.  Too bad danger was her middle name.  Shayne smirked as she crept toward the bungalow, the day’s humidity clinging to her in a light film.  Hawaii was the last place she expected to find a monster, but she followed his trail here, and she was determined to take out this terror everyone talked about.  After all, he was the reason she killed herself, she thought with a derisive chuckle.

Her breath shallowed as she neared the small building.  Rumor had it that Dimitri Lapinov had senses unlike any other man.  That he was a hundred years old, and could kill a man – or a woman – from hundreds of miles away.  She snorted softly.  She’d believe it when she saw it.

Light danced through the window nearest her, and Shayne’s heart pounded as she edged up to the opening and peeked inside.  As she did, her heart froze, and her lungs constricted as every drop of blood fled her face.

Shit, shit, shit! It was him! Her mind flashed back, and she groaned as she remembered the handsome, scarred man she literally ran into in the hotel lobby two days ago.  An evening of too much drinking, and one incautious comment, and she ended up in bed with a stranger.  The same man she was hunting, apparently.  She blinked, forced herself to draw air against the redness creeping into her vision, then blinked again as she realized the room before her was now empty.  Where the devil had he gone?

“You are looking for me, da?”  His heavily accented voice, against her ear, sent a shiver equal parts dread and desire through her.  Slowly, Shayne turned, and her breath sighed away from her lips as she stared up into dark eyes, made darker still by the troubled scowl on his scarred face.  Oh, yeah.  She was in big trouble, now.

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