“Dangerous Proposal” – Excerpt from TAMIA (Underground) [ADULT CONTENT]

TamiaCoverMarine Captain Tamia Kuan is no stranger to war. Raised in war-torn Tibet, and then turned loose with the street gangs of Old San Francisco, Tamia is living proof that no matter the crisis, the strong will survive. On the streets, she learned to bury her heart to survive, and, but the end of the world war known as the Divide, that survival depended on no longer having a heart at all. But one man’s doubt in her innocence will turn the tables on her, and force her to free her heart. For, in the midst of one of the deadliest counterespionage missions of her life, the one thing that saves her life could be love.

(WARNING: This scene contains sexually explicit language. Reader discretion is advised)

“Dangerous Proposal” – Excerpt from TAMIA (Underground, Book #1)

“Try it again, Frank.” The engine compartment door muffled Rick’s voice as he torqued an electrical plug a little tighter. Stepping back, he swiped a grease-darkened hand across his already-smudged face and listened intently as Frank turned over the Rover’s Chameleon system.

Designed to make the transport gunship silent and invisible, Chameleon engines were state-of-the-art technology comprised of sophisticated electrical systems, holotechnology, and hydro engines that ran on superheated water. So far, only the Commandos’ Rover was equipped with the prototype system. Lately, though, the damned thing was anything but silent.

Rick frowned as he heard the low-pitched whine of the engine on rotation. “Cut it, Frank! It’s still whining.”

The whine died, and Rick sighed as he bent over into the engine compartment again. He’d been at this ever since he left Tamia in Comms last night. At the point when he knew sleep was beyond him, he decided to get something productive accomplished. He pored through the manuals Science and Research sent over for the sophisticated Chameleon. Those manuals might as well be in Greek, for all the good, they did him. He wasn’t much of a mechanic when it came to heavy-duty machinery. So he was glad when Frank came to help at 0600 this morning, until the other man admitted that the technology stumped him, too. Rick sighed. What they really needed around this place was a damned mechanic…

He nearly cracked his skull open on the compartment casing as a hand suddenly ran over his rear, to become fingertips as they traced a shivery line up the center of his spine. He jerked upright in shock, even as his body went on red alert. He withdrew his head from the engine, rubbing it as he muttered curses. Rick glanced up to find Tamia beside him, an impish grin on her face that stalled his heart.

“Sorry.” She looked anything but. “I couldn’t resist. You’ve got a great ass, you know.”

He gave her a mock scowl as he rubbed his still-aching head. He knew what this was all about, now. Tamia was getting even for his alpha-male stunt in Comms last night. “You’re late.”

Her grin widened. “I had a lot to weed through. Besides, you weren’t in your quarters when I got there. I had to come track you down.” She glanced over his grease spattered coveralls and skin, and one dark eyebrow rose. “You need a shower.”

Those words sent a spike of lust through him as his mind conjured images of her in that shower with him, her soft skin damp and slick beneath his hands. Her long, smooth back, those slim, capable hands clenched against the tile as he slid in and out of her slickness from behind. He drew a sharp breath and bit down on an oath as his jeans tightened painfully against his sudden hard-on. That she could drive him to this state with a single, innocent comment told him how tight he was strung, lately. Time to give her back what those  come-fuck-me eyes offered. He let his eyes trail over her skin-tight bodysuit beneath the open shirt she wore, and smiled languidly. “You planning to join me?”

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One thought on ““Dangerous Proposal” – Excerpt from TAMIA (Underground) [ADULT CONTENT]

  1. archangel11049 says:

    great.i love it and cant wait 4 da continuation

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