“Bloodsucker” — Excerpt from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc.)

01 Double Take

I’ve been researching the paranormal from a scientific standpoint for going on twenty-five years, and as such, I’m constantly irritated by the lack of research I see in both Hollywood and the publishing industry, when it comes to the paranormal. Writers (both screen and novel) who are too lazy or unconcerned to do the research, and rely on old tropes that have little to nothing to do with what is physically possible, or what is anecdotally in evidence, through either history or mythology.

Tired of vampires who turn to ash in the sun, swarms of rats at will, or sparkle, and sick of the Hollywood stereotypes that pervade modern fiction when it comes to the paranormal, two decades ago, I set out to provide a very different viewpoint — a series in which science, the real world, and the paranormal collide.  Here’s an excerpt from this series, taking the paranormal out of Hollywood, and bringing it back to the original myths and legends spawned by thousands of years of folklore.


“Bloodsucker” – Excerpted from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc., Book #1) —

“You need blood.”  Analeise pushed up her sleeve and shoved her bare arm into his face.  “Take mine.”

Her pulse was a rapid flutter of fear.  Jesse scowled at her.  “What are you doing?”

“You need to feed—”

“I’m not a damned vampire!”  He snarled at her, and watched her shift backward in fear, her eyes wide and her breathing ragged.  Then her shoulders straightened, and she moved deliberately forward.  He glared at her.  “And even if I was, I sure as hell wouldn’t be getting blood that way.”

“I-I don’t understand…”

He rolled his head, aching like hell now that the potion was finally transmuting the poison in his system. That had been too close a call.  “Living vampires can’t drink blood, Ana.  It just breaks down in the stomach like any other protein source.”

Her stunned expression would have been funny, if his head didn’t feel like it was about to explode.  “Then how…?”

Dark humor curled his lips. He wondered that, himself, right after he found out the man who saved his life was a vampire.  The more he discovered, the less he wanted to be one of them.  “They inject it.  Living vampires only need a small amount of blood to feed the vampiric cells in their bodies.  They still have their own blood; it’s just been changed.”

“But the biting –“

“Mostly Revenants, and it almost never has anything to do with a search for food.  It’s usually an instinct driven by rage or revenge.  And yes, Living vampires can bite, as well.  Their bite releases a paralytic agent in their saliva into the victims.”

She nodded, as if she expected this.  “The vampire’s kiss.”

He winced, his hand raising to the scar on his neck as he remembered.  He’d beg to differ on the kiss part – there was no pleasure in the sensation.  It was a terrifying experience to be incapable of movement while a sinister killer feasted on your blood or flesh, or both.  He shuddered.  “It’s how they keep the victim immobile.”

Jesse struggled up, trying to regain his feet.  Before he made it the whole way to standing, Analeise was there, inserting herself beneath his arm to help lever him up from the floor.  “For a man who denies being a vampire, you sure know a lot about them.”

“Research,” he muttered, then groaned as a fresh wave of pain rushed through his side, and the coldness seeped further into his body.  Shit.  He was running out of time.


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