“Road to Vataria” – Excerpt from CHILD OF FALLEN WATERS (Legends of Tirum)


For the very first time, I’m allowing a sneak peek inside the next book of Legends of Tirum, CHILD OF FALLEN WATERS.

Why am I being so secretive about this book? CHILD OF FALLEN WATERS is a bridge book for the whole series. This is where everything both the characters and audience thought they knew about this series takes a very unexpected twist. This book sets the scene for some later explanations I’ve left vaguely explained (deliberately) or completely ignored by the characters who have the answers. And, like all catalysts, it defeats the purpose of the surprise to give too much away, too soon.


“Road to Vataria” — Excerpt from CHILD OF FALLEN WATERS (Legends of Tirum, Book 6) —


It wasn’t an easy feeling, to think the sky could fall on one’s head at any moment. Phoenix Telyn Gwndal, daughter of feuding houses and Chosen Protector of the World Forge, squinted against Helios’ glare as she glanced toward the cloudless sky again.

Not that she expected the sky to literally fall on her head, but knowing the Draconi were not the creatures of myth she once consoled herself with unsettled her. Through Marlaesa Bonedirk, she knew the Draconi of Junfa Canyon were allies, but the mere knowledge they were up there left her uneasy about what else might be soaring around above her. Telyn didn’t like the idea of enemies she couldn’t see or gauge.

“They’ll be here.”

Telyn turned her attention from the sky to find her lover, Nacaris, watching her. He did that a lot, lately. As if he thought she would disappear if he blinked, or fall apart at the least disappointment.

“I know.”

“Then why do you keep looking up? You’re going to trip over your own feet, if you keep at it.”

A wry smile tugged up the corners of her lips. “Battle instinct, I guess. The warrior in me doesn’t quite trust we won’t be attacked from the sky, now that I know there are massive creatures flying around up there.” She cocked him a curious glance. “I’m surprised you’re so calm about it.”

He shrugged. “I grew up knowing there were large creatures flying around above me. And I knew they meant me no harm.”

She blinked, confused. There was no way he’d encountered the Draconi as a child. The Lurudani were on the opposite end of the continent from Junfa Canyon, and there were no other Draconi on Ravenos, that she was aware of. Then, as she remembered another tale, she relaxed. “The Avarii. Paduari talks about them.”

Nacaris nodded. “Half-bird, half-beast. They have the gentlest souls, however ferocious they appear. Knowing them makes it easier to accept other winged races might be benevolent.”

Telyn glanced at the sky again, and changed the subject. “Do you think Hakan has any chance of finding out about his mother, after so long?”

“You would be the expert on lost parents,” Nacaris reminded her, referring to her own decade long search for her father, culminating in the discovery of his death at Raiador.

At least Hakan knew his father was still alive. Cold comfort, considering who his father was. Knowing his father killed his mother must be a very special kind of torment. But at least he had the hope of one day confronting his father and demanding answers. Telyn couldn’t even be certain her father knew she existed, before he died. Her mother remained close-mouthed on the subject of her father, and Telyn had no idea who Mistress Gwneth believed she was protecting.

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