“Lost Magic” — Excerpt from THE DOLPHIN’S LUCK (Icarian Chronicles: The Carnelian Amulet)

carnelian amulet 02This is a brief excerpt, drawn from an alternate timeline series I’m working on. When an archeologist from our world stumbles across an artifact in the Siberian steppes, he has no idea what he’s actually stumbled upon, until he finds himself in a world both alien and vaguely familiar. To get back to his own world, he’ll have to find the key to using the amulet he found. The only question is: If he finds a way back, will he even want to go?


“Lost Magic” – Excerpt from THE DOLPHIN’S LUCK (Icarian Chronicles: The Carnelian Amulet, Book 1) —


Brandon sighed. He didn’t want to open this can of worms – didn’t every TV show dealing with space-time continuum issues say messing with the world you landed in only ever ended badly? – but he couldn’t very well ignore her question.


“The world I come from has all but forgotten magic, Sasha. It’s replaced wonder and awe with science and logic.”


Her brow furrowed. “You are mocking me.”


How he wished it was that simple. “Not a bit.”


“So, in this world where no magic exists, there is no war?”


He tensed, aware she wasn’t going to like the answer to that question. Her world was built on the black-and-white concept that if magic ceased to be, so would all the fighting, and all the terrible things that happened in the course of war. Eyes closed, he shook his head. “Quite the opposite. War, fighting, and killing are practically a way of life, some places in my world. Most places have crime – people who hurt and kill others for stupid reasons, and even for no reason at all. To be honest, I think in losing magic, we lost the little bit of our souls that kept us honest.”



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