“New Body” – Excerpt from BONEYARD (Guardians, Inc: Witch Hollow)

Bodies in a graveyard? Usually not a problem. But when bodies start showing up scattered all over graveyards throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, unburied and mutilated beyond recognition, it’s going to take more than simple police work to solve. And when evidence starts appearing that suggests the victims all have one very disturbing, and abnormal, connection, the case is going to go from strange to downright bizarre.

“New Body” — Excerpt from BONEYARD (Guardians, Inc: Witch Hollow, Book 13):

“Caulder.” Jonathan kept a careful eye on Faith as he answered his cell phone. He didn’t like that she was out here. She was tired, and overdoing it. Normally, he admired her drive for the truth, but right now, he wished she was a little less driven, and a little more agreeable.

“Got another one for you and the Doc,” Tom started right in.

Jonathan frowned. Mac had enough on her plate, right now. “We’re already in the middle of a case, Tom.”

“Yeah, I know. And this goes right along with it.”

Jonathan sighed. “Okay, lay it on me.”

“Another body’s turned up. This one’s in West Virginia.”

“Same M.O.?”

“From the information we’ve been given.”

Jonathan glanced toward Faith, and already knew what she’d say. She practically freaked out when she discovered the body here had already been autopsied, and incompetently, according to her. “Has the body been disturbed, at all?”

“No. The cops in West Virginia knew automatically it was out of their league and called us directly.”

“Good. We have people down there?”

“Just sent them out.”

“Call them. Tell them to secure the scene, but not to touch anything until we get there. Cover the crime scene in canopies, but don’t move a thing. We’ll be there sometime tomorrow.”

Tom chuckled. “You sound more like her, every day.”

A wry smile tugged at Jonathan’s face. “Just anticipating.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Thanks, Tom.” He disconnected the call, and turned to find Mac watching him speculatively. “What?”

“They found another body, didn’t they?”

He sighed again. “Guess you heard that, huh?”

“Yes. Where is it?”

“West Virginia. We’ll hit there on the way back. I’ve got agents securing the dump site and the body, with strict instructions to not touch anything.”

She nodded. “Good. I’m done here. I can’t get much more, here. Hopefully I’ll find out more with undisturbed remains.”


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