“Common Link” — Excerpt from DEATH MASK (Guardians, Inc: Witch Hollow)

The Death Mask, in Native American legend, was a particular kind of face painting done by warriors and Shamans about to go into battle — whether physical or spiritual.

So when bodies start showing up in the Arizona desert, with the only link being their missing faces and the strange paint in the bloody remains, the FBI calls in their resident expert on weirdness, and the Bunker crew, to investigate. And what they’re about to find out will send Dr. Faith MacKenzie reeling, and bring her cousin’s expertise into the forefront of their investigation.

“Common Link” — Excerpt from DEATH MASK (Guardians, Inc: Witch Hollow, Book 5 ) —

“The body looks like something’s been gnawing on it.”

“Like a demon?”

She shot him a quelling look. “Or scavengers. The lack of dentition or scratch marks bothers me, though. I don’t know how his flesh was removed. It looks like something chewed on him, but there aren’t any marks. It’s almost like a… a…”

“A demon?”

Faith glared at him. “You and your demons. I should introduce you to my cousin, Hope. She and her husband work for some mercenary outfit, but Hope’s been fixated on this whole demon thing ever since she came back from Africa, in the nineties.”

Jonathan stilled as the name registered. Surely it couldn’t be the same woman. There had to be lots of women with that name, in the world. “What did you say her name was?”

“Hope. Hope MacKenzie. Well, Talladay, now. She–”

It was her. Had to be. “Was she in Africa with UNPAARD? A relief mission in Somalia?”

Faith’s brow furrowed, and her gaze was troubled. “Yes. How did you know that? You didn’t…?”

He shook his head, and forced his expression neutral, even as his gut roiled with the memory of opening those cells, to find men and women covered in mud, muck, and blood, their bodies covered in signs of torture. And one prickly woman with red hair, oddly iridescent eyes, and hatred in her eyes. No wonder Mac looked so familiar, the first time they met.

“I must have read about her, somewhere.”


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    Oh dear.

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