“Bad Idea” – Excerpt from RENEGADE (Project Prometheus)

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These two are characters I keep finding new reasons to fall in love with, the more I write about them, and the better I get to know them. They’re my unexpected duo — I was never sure I was going to do this story until it presented itself — and they’re steadily becoming one of my favorite couples.

For your reading pleasure… Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


“Bad Idea” –Excerpt from RENEGADE (Project Prometheus) —


“Can I come in, or do you intend to flash the rest of your apartment building?”

Jordan stepped aside with a sigh. After all, leaving her standing in the hallway just wasn’t an option. “C’mon in. I just got back from my run, so make yourself at home while I take a shower, and then we’ll talk.”

She lifted one dark brow at him, and looked like she might say something. Heat flashed in her eyes, and then doused, and she clearly changed her mind, and instead just shrugged as she breezed past him. Her exotic scent swirled around him again, and Jordan barely bit back a groan. This was most definitely not a good idea.

He expected her to settle in on the sofa in the living room, as he headed back the hall toward the bathroom. At the sound of booted feet on the hardwood floor, he jerked around, to find Daria practically on his heels.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

She didn’t even blink. “We can talk while you shower.”


“It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked,” she reminded him, and he told himself the huskiness he heard there wasn’t real.

Jordan drew a fortifying breath. Tangling with Daria Raleigh was never an easy proposition. Especially not when every time he looked at her, the only tangling he could think of required both of them to be naked, and would probably get him arrested. “We’re not little kids, anymore, Daria.”

She brushed his argument aside with a wave of her hand. “I was never a child. Not as you imply.”

And that was something he most certainly didn’t want to contemplate. But he also knew this was an argument he was so not going to win.

“Fine,” he growled angrily, and stalked toward his room to collect clean clothes. She wanted to play it this way, he would. And then he was getting her out of his apartment, ASAP. Before he did something really stupid. Like touch her.

Having Daria in his bedroom was a surreal experience. How many nights had he dreamed of it? Too many. But those dreams didn’t involve clothes, or the curious expression on her face as she wandered around the room, randomly touching objects. Jordan forgot how to breathe, watching her. He swore he could feel every touch of her hand on his own body, though he knew that was pure fantasy on his part. His mother always chided him that he was too fanciful.

Daria chuckled, then, and shot a coy grin over her shoulder at him that nearly stopped his heart. “I knew it.”

He had to clear his throat, forcing himself to focus on the item her finger currently rested against — the die-cast replica of an X-wing fighter — before he gave in to the siren call of those eyes, and that smile. Focus, Watkins. He quirked one brow at her. “Knew what?”

“I knew I would find something like this, here. I knew you would never give them up, completely.” Her smile softened. “I actually expected more memorabilia.”

His lips tugged upward as he leaned one shoulder against the door frame, arms crossed over his bare chest. He gave her an off-hand, one-shouldered shrug. “Star Wars has always been my thing. Ask my mom.”

Daria’s smile widened as she turned and strode purposefully toward him, her gaze intent in a way that made him suddenly nervous. He’d only ever seen this look on Daria when she was up to something. This time, there was no one around but him, and he dreaded what that meant.

“I don’t have to ask.” She came to a stop right before him, so close he could feel the heat of her skin, the warm push of her breath against his chest and neck. He broke out in gooseflesh as the wolf within him howled. Daria’s eyes heated, and her smile turned sultry as she rose up on her toes. “I’m just glad to know some things never change.”

Before he knew what she was up to, she slid her hands behind his neck and head and dragged him down, her lips fusing to his in a kiss fit to bring a man to his knees. His were certainly none too steady.

Desperate for space, to remind himself why he wasn’t allowed to have Daria, no matter how badly he wanted her, Jordan grasped her hips and set her deliberately away from him, breaking their kiss and the seductive lure of her hands. “This isn’t going to happen, Daria.”

She pouted, her lush lower lip pushing outward. “Why not?”

He groaned, and released her, moving quickly to collect his clothes. Maybe a cold shower would be best. Hell, right now, he could go skinny dipping in the Arctic Floe, and it probably wouldn’t cool his raging libido one iota. “Because I happen to know what a bad idea it would be — for both of us.”




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