“The Devil You Know” – Excerpt from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc)

Meet one of the most interesting supporting characters I’ve ever written (I will neither confirm nor deny, at this point, whether or not he’s a villain…:D… You’ll have to read the book when it comes out, to find that out!)…

Victorien “Victor” Da Silva is my response to the over prevalence of totally unrealistic, “sexy” and completely irrelevant vampires that permeate the fiction market, today. He’s a 700-year-old Living Vampire (yes, there’s actually a distinction between Living and Revenant (undead) vampires) who is a powerful man, unapologetic about it, and yet, he sticks very strictly to the Covenant established that keeps the Para (paranormal creature/entity) community safely under the radar of most of the rest of the world. He’s got his own set of rules, and they have very little to do with our modern world. They are, instead, drawn from the world in which he Turned (not “was turned”… there’s a misnomer involved in that whole terminology), 700 years ago. And his slightly skewed, borderline sociopathic ethics bring him into constant conflict with the person he sees as his protégé (even if Jesse refuses to accept or acknowledge) over the rules.

I really love Victor. 🙂 Hope you do, too…


“The Devil You Know” — Excerpt from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc, Book 1) —

“Damn it, Victor.  You know the rules.”

The chair behind the wide mahogany desk spun around to reveal a compact, square-featured man with the outward appearance of about sixty and the regal bearing that came with a long-forgotten aristocracy.  Jesse knew age was as much a façade as Victor’s apparent interest in politics.  A seven-hundred-year-old vampire wasn’t the slightest bit concerned with government.  He’d lived long enough to see it overthrown before.

“Jesse, my dear boy!”  Victorien Da Silva smiled, but it was cool and cordial.  Nothing more.  “Your mother would be appalled.  Don’t you knock?”

Jesse scowled.  He didn’t need the reminder Victor knew his mother.  He’d been playing this particular game too long.  “Daisy Claussen, Victor.”

“Definitely not your mother.”

“Leave my mother out of this, Victor.”  Jesse stalked up to plant his hands on the vampire’s desk.  He noted the disapproval in Victor’s frown, and laughed darkly.  “Tell me about Daisy Claussen.”

Blandly unconcerned pitch-black eyes lifted to Jesse’s.  “Who?”

“Don’t give me that shit, Victor.  You never stalk a victim you don’t know inside-out.”

“I prefer to call them lady friends.”

“Call them the Holy Mother, for all I care,” Jesse ground out.  “But start talking.”

Victor leaned back with a sigh of contentment, his expression unbothered.  “We know each other so well, don’t we, Jesse?”

As he watched Victor knowingly tap his own forearm, Jesse scowled.  He didn’t need reminded Victor saved his life, or how.

“Don’t even think about it.”  Jesse backed off a step and nudged aside his jacket to reveal his sidearm.  “You know what kind of ammo I’m packing.  Don’t give me a reason to use it.”

Cold humor danced in Victor’s eyes.  They both knew that, blessed or not, no bullet would stop Victor for long.  “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Jesse settled into the seat across from Victor.  “Now, about Daisy Claussen…”


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