“Troubled Blood” – Excerpt from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc)

 As an author, some characters just fascinate me. Jesse and Jason Guardian were my favorite kind of fascination — identical twins who couldn’t be more different, and yet are destined to steer the helm of a family business neither really wanted to be involved in, for vastly different reasons.

Jesse, especially, intrigued me.  He started out a cop, determined to ignore the family heritage involving the paranormal. Yet, somehow, he kept winding up with cases that involved the paranormal.  And, with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, a younger and more reckless Jesse had an attraction to bad girls — women who skated the thin edge between dangerous and downright deranged. But when he got involved with mysterious, sexy Natalya Romankov, he found himself with more than he bargained for — a Para with intentions on his life. Left for dead, he was rescued by the unlikeliest of saviors — a centuries-old vampire and the father of his attacker. And Victor’s method for saving his life leaves Jesse floundering, stuck between the world he wants (to be a normal man and cop) and the world he fears (becoming a Para, himself). The result is a fascinating story, with a cast of characters that never fail to make me smile.

Here’s hoping you enjoy reading about Jesse Guardian as much as I enjoy writing about him. 🙂


“Troubled Blood” – Excerpt from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc.  Book 1) –


It was going to be a typical Monday morning, he could see already. Jesse Guardian winced against the bright glare of the fluorescent indoor lights and slid his shades back on as he strode into the office. He had a killer headache, and he only wished he could blame it on a night of booze and women. Though he felt like shit, he forced a smile for Kylie Hartford, Guardians Incorporated’s efficient and dedicated secretary/research assistant. She was a good kid. He just had no idea why he was here, most days. Hell, up until a year ago, he kept his nose out of the family business, and stuck to the real world crimes. That was before Victor crashed into his life, and the migraines began.

“Morning, Jesse,” Kylie greeted him cheerily, holding out a thick file. “Got that information you were looking for on the Ra Chalice.”

“Great.” He took the file and retreated into his office. His head was throbbing, which wasn’t a good sign. It only ached when he was about to land up to his neck in shit.

Aware he was far from his usual charming self, Jesse closed the office door behind him and sighed in blessed relief as the near darkness wrapped around him. Thank God. At least, if he left the lights off, he might be able to get some work done, today.

Jesse’s gaze dropped to the file in his hands, and he frowned. This case was starting to trouble him. No one was supposed to know the Ra Chalice existed. It hadn’t even gone on display, yet, and his legal eagle of a sister, Maya, had spent months convincing the museum to keep its existence out of the media. That meant whoever stole it either worked at the museum, or knew someone who did. Which only left him about a hundred-plus suspects to question. Great.

With a snort of disgust, Jesse dropped into his chair and entered his password into the computer. Time to get down to business. He had a thief to catch.

He barely flipped open the file when the door to his office opened, spilling artificial light across his face. He winced, and growled at the perpetrator. “Shut the damned door.”

“You look like Hell.” Eyes of an identical shade and shape to his own assessed him, even as their owner stepped inside the office and closed the door. “Headaches back?”

Jesse winced again, and closed his eyes as he rested his head on the back of the chair. He cracked one lid to regard his twin – his mirror image, except for the shock of pure white hair that streaked his brother’s dark blond hair, and the world-weary, haunted eyes of a man who saw evils most people never imagined existed. Something was bugging Jason.

“What’s up?”

Jason wandered to the window, peeking through the blinds at the street below, before turning to look at Jesse again. “If you’re having headaches, it just confirms my suspicion.”

Jesse’s frown deepened. For identical twins, he and Jason could be as far apart as two people could get, at times. Especially when Jason went off on one of his mystical, occult tangents. “What suspicion?”

Familiar eyes pinned him squarely. “Victor’s at it again, Jess.”

Like he needed told that. Jesse groaned, leaning his head back against the chair as his head pounded and the bleed wound on his neck throbbed. His migraine had a name – Victorien Da Silva. All seven-hundred-ten years of him. Whenever the vampire was involved, that meant Jesse was about to become involved. Damn it.


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