“The Secret” – Excerpt from SOMEONE TO DIE FOR (Project Prometheus)

Project Prometheus BadgeLogan and Billie are two of my more unusual characters, particularly as a couple. At first glance, it’s hard to see how they work. They’re both driven people, but they appear to be headed in opposite directions, as fast as they possibly can. Logan’s cold and detached, very cynical, and more than a little wary of people. Billie’s emotionally driven, full of dreams, and desperate to have a ‘normal’ life. They seem like polar opposites. But the more truth they reveal to each other, and readers, the more obvious it becomes that these two are more alike than they first appear, and once they can admit running away from each other was the worst mistake of their lives, they’re going to make an unstoppable team.

“The Secret” – Excerpt from SOMEONE TO DIE FOR (Project Prometheus)

“I’m going to tell him it’s his.”

Logan MacCauley sat with his cell phone pressed to his ear, the coffee on the table in front of him forgotten, the sights and sounds of Venice a faint, distant drone of light and chatter. The buzz in his head was growing louder, and it was built of pure white noise – the static after a disconnected call.

He’d listened to her message a dozen times, now, and it still didn’t make any sense. Just like her marrying that bastard, Hastings, in the first place. None of it made any sense.

It might not be yours.

The words didn’t help. His gut knew better. She wouldn’t be calling him if there was even a chance it wasn’t his. She made him promise to never contact her again, never speak to her. She tore his heart out and stomped on it, and he made a promise to himself, as much as to her, that day. He was done with Belinda Cranshaw.

Not anymore.  His hand tightened around the slim phone until the plastic threatened to crack. Dammit, he should know what to do, next. He hadn’t a clue. His contrary, alpha nature demanded he be on the first flight back to the States, haul her away from Hastings, and demand she divorce the slimeball and marry him, instead. Instinctively, he knew that was a very bad idea. He knew enough of Billie’s history to know she wouldn’t take kindly to being manhandled, and especially not in her current state. Besides, once he got within visual distance of her, all those alpha tendencies that served him so well in battle disintegrated, and he just wanted to wrap her up and protect her.

Damn it, no woman on the planet turned him inside out like Billie did.  And yet she still married Hastings. Nothing Logan MacCauley had was good enough for her. Not his heart, his soul… Not even his money.

Well, to Hell with her. Logan snapped the phone shut and dropped it back into the pocket of his jacket. If she wanted him to feel guilty for her current situation, she was barking up the wrong tree. Logan MacCauley dropped his heart in the Potomac as he crossed it a month ago. His brother always accused him of being a cold bastard. That worked just fine for him, right now.


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