“Friend in Danger” – Excerpt from RENEGADE (Project Prometheus)

Project Prometheus BadgeHands down, this pair wins my “Most Romantic Couple” award for all of Project Prometheus, which is saying something, since I’ve already cast nearly 40 books to this series. I’m particularly fond of Jordan Watkins and Daria Raleigh because I got to watch them grow up. Daria was born into the series, and I met Jordan when he was just 9 years old, in SHADOW WALKER.  I’ve laughed and cried along with them, from precocious children to matchmaking ‘Tweens… through the first blossom of young love, the first surprising kiss (in A CRITICAL AFFAIR), a touching promise, and then, teetering on the edge of adulthood, when they literally fled to opposite ends of the earth to escape what they felt…. Then, finally, here to RENEGADE, where an attempt to save a wayward friend tosses them back together again, whether they’re ready for it or not.

“Friend in Danger” – Excerpt from RENEGADE (Project Prometheus ) —


“Jordan!  That’s her!”  Daria launched herself from the back of the bike before Jordan caught her, his hand snagging a fistful of her leather jacket to pull her back.

“Whoa!  We don’t know why she’s here, or if she’s being watched, yet,” he muttered against her ear when she struggled to free herself from his grip.

Daria stilled, and he watched her tense. He knew the exact instant she realized how much attention she drew.  With a sigh, she sagged back against him, looking for all the world as if she snuggled into her lover’s embrace.  Jordan wasn’t an idiot.  He caught the appreciative looks of passing guys as they looked Daria over, and the envious glares they shot him.  Yeah, she was gorgeous, but he was a damned fool if he dared touch her the way she was trying to make everyone think he already did.

Keeping his voice low and quiet against her ear, he relayed everything his Shadow Walker senses picked up about their surroundings, and the girl who paced anxiously beside a building across the street.  “She’s nervous.  There’re two guys down there at the end of the street, and I’d say they’ve got trouble on their mind.”

“How can you tell that?”

“Their body language.  They’re both tensed like alphas on the scent of a female in heat.”

Her head shifted to the side, and she looked up at him curiously.  “I’ve never heard you talk like this, before.”

Jordan dropped his face against her shoulder, pressing a kiss to the pulse point between her shoulder and neck as he drank in her scent to clear away the foul stench of evil blanketing the street.  Last time he smelled that evil, he was nine, and staring eye-to-eye with the Devil.  He shuddered, and his arms closed instinctively around Daria’s waist.  She was his light in the dark tunnel of his memories – the beacon who drew him back from terrible darkness.  “It’s a gift.”

“And a curse, I imagine,” she murmured, drawing his shocked attention.  No one besides his parents and his great-grandmother ever grasped the curse of being a Shadow Walker, and only his father really knew what it meant.

“Yeah,” he admitted quietly.  A new kind of shudder lunged through him as her warm hand rose to press against his cheek, and hunger only she could stir in him twisted his gut inside out.

“What else do you sense?”  Her perceptive eyes cut straight to his soul, and her words were no longer a surprise.

He sighed, and closed his eyes.  “It smells like evil.”

She stiffened in his grasp, breaking his hold on her, and Jordan’s eyes flew open to stunned horror on her face.  Again, he scented her fear. There was more to her arrival here than Daria told him.

“Want to tell me what’s going on?”

“No.”  She took a step toward where Leanne stood, then wavered and stopped.  When she swung back to Jordan, her amazing hazel eyes were haunted with ghosts he had no idea how to exorcise.  But he suddenly realized how very badly he wanted to.

You can find Daria’s parents’ story, IN HER NAME, coming from Desert Breeze Publishing in September 2014 .

 Also, find out who the “Devil” Jordan referred to is, and the role Jordan played match-making for his own parents in SHADOW WALKER.


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