“Snipers in the Tower” – Excerpt from TAMIA (Underground)

TamiaCoverI’ve always loved military fiction. Just like I’ve always loved romance. So, it made perfect sense to me to take my own real-life experience with love and give it immortality in the midst of a struggle to prevent world war. Set 100 years in the future, Underground explores a world forever changed by war, and the lives of an elite unit determined to do whatever it takes to prevent another war.

This scene is vitally important to the series. From the outside, it looks like just another mission. But the implications of what they’re about to do has long-reaching impact for both of these characters, and also ties directly into their pasts.


“Snipers in the Tower” — Excerpt from TAMIA (Underground, Book 1)


La Dias de Nueva.  The New Day.  Lima’s premiere celebration of the end of the Divide was in full swing, below the soaring bell tower of Santa Maria Cathedral.  Peruvians didn’t care that COSEC lost the war; they were overjoyed that the fighting was over.  Peru, and Lima in particular, suffered horribly during the Divide.

Now, secluded in the shadows of the bell tower, Tamia watched the people who thronged the streets below, and guilt knifed her.  They looked so happy to be alive, and so relieved that blood and death finally left them in peace.  None of them had a clue of the havoc about to be unleashed on them.  As she glanced at the man crouched barely two feet from her, scoping out the kill box, Tamia sighed, and tapped her COMlink.

“Do you ever feel like what you do might be worse than what you’re trying to prevent?”

His gaze never wavered from his task.  “No.”



“Not even Montreal?”  She watched him stiffen, and knew she hit a raw nerve.  “God, Ace, I’m sorry—”

“Montreal was a goat fuck, a set up,” he rasped, his voice hard and cold.  “It’s like comparing apples and oranges.”

“Look at them, Ace.”  She nodded to the people below.  “They’re celebrating peace, and we’re about to start a bloodbath that’ll tear Peru apart.  That’s got to tear you up.  It does me.”

He did turn toward her, then.  “Don’t, Blade.  Don’t think about that.  Concentrate on the mission, not the consequences, or you’ll drive yourself nuts.”

She drew a deep breath to still the sadness and guilt in her mind as she nodded.

Rick turned back to his scope, and, a moment later, tensed again.  “Get ready.  Package is six hundred yards to delivery.”


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