“Old Friends and Visitations” – Excerpt from DAUGHTER OF ASHES (Legends of Tirum)

Daughter of AshesI’ve always had a soft spot for the traditional Sword-and-Sorcery fantasy novel… But, then, I also love to play “what if” games… So was born Legends of Tirum… There’s a secret hidden in this Sword-and-Sorcery Romance series. The astute reader will start figuring it out, once CHILD OF FALLEN WATERS is finished and released. Some may have already started to figure it out, from the pieces I’ve been throwing out in each book since SPIRIT MAGE.

This excerpt comes from the first book of the series. I wanted a strong heroine — one strong enough that her desire to be independent and her self-reliance could actually become a stumbling block between her and what she really wants. Telyn is that heroine — a warrior woman so conditioned to take care of herself, she never learned how to lean on anyone else, or even how to trust. But there’s another secret, to Telyn. And having the chance to watch her struggle with the realization that everything she’s always believed to be true isn’t as black-and-white as she thought is humbling, even for me.

Enjoy… And, as always, let me know what you think!


“Old Friends and Visitations” — Excerpt from DAUGHTER OF ASHES (Legends of Tirum, Book 1):


“Ho, Carmyd!”

He blinked into the sunlight, and a wide grin split his scarred face as he swiped a hand over his bald pate. “Well, bless my silver shoes, if it ain’t a grand sight for old eyes.”

With a laugh, she leapt from her horse and into his waiting embrace, breathing in the familiar, comforting scents of leather and horse. Unwelcome tears swelled in her eyes as memory washed over her. Carmyd was an old Gildgard — one of the few that actually managed to survive to a respectable old age and retire gracefully. He’d come to her mother, bleeding and near death from horrific wounds on his face, when Telyn was a mere babe, and his long recovery had made him a semi-permanent fixture in her young life. From Carmyd, she heard the old legends, and learned to ride her first horse. Under his tutelage — and despite her mother’s disapproval — she’d learned to handle blade and bow, though others were responsible for honing her skill.

“Here, now, girl,” he muttered, holding her away to look into her face. “What brings the tears?”

She blinked them away and shook her head, smiling. “It does me good to see your face again.”

He glanced beyond her, and his shaggy brows lifted curiously. “Who’s the stallion?”

Telyn laughed, but couldn’t contain the flush that crept up her neck. “A friend.”

“I see.” He frowned, and then, as if reaching some inner conclusion, shrugged. “What brings you to my fair city?”

She sighed. “Business, I fear.”

His gaze flickered to Nacaris again. “His or yours?”

“Both. I came to see Seoman.”

That gained her a piercing look from her old friend. “What kind of business?”

She batted him away and turned toward Bloodcloud as Nacaris swung down from his own mount. “Don’t pry, Carmyd.”

“I see.” Those two words carried a wealth of meaning, and Telyn sighed. She wasn’t about to explain herself to anyone — especially not Carmyd.

“We need lodging for the horses for the night, at least.”

He nodded, and gestured toward the stable. “You know the way. But, Telyn, a word of caution…”

She turned expectantly. There was something about his tone…


“The boy you knew is long gone. Have a caution with the man he’s become.”

As she walked Bloodcloud into the stable, those words travelled with Telyn, and concern knitted her brows. What, exactly, did Carmyd mean?

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