“Reconnaissance” – Excerpt from SOMEONE TO DIE FOR (Project Prometheus)

Project Prometheus BadgeThis couple continues to surprise me. To be honest, I wasn’t sure where this one was going to go when I started drafting (other than the obvious kidnapping storyline). I didn’t know if Logan and Billie’s relationship could even be salvaged. It just seemed so pulled apart at the seams. I had a really sad feeling, going into this one, that it wasn’t going to end well (I don’t require all of my characters’ relationships to work out. I don’t write Romance in the strictest sense… It’s more Suspense with Romantic Elements). But I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, since I started. Haven’t got to the Black Moments for either character, yet, but I’m starting to see a relationship that’s a lot stronger than I initially thought – one that’s survived six years of separation and secrets.

I’m starting to really have hope for these two. I hope you find them as easy to root for as I do. 🙂


“Reconnaissance” – Excerpt from SOMEONE TO DIE FOR (Project Prometheus)

She lay in the high brush beside Logan, scope to her eye as she tried to ignore the warmth of him, and her awareness this was the closest they’d been, physically, in a very long time.

“Target is thirty meters out and stationary, but definitely hot. Wind velocity is,” she tagged a birch tree to the immediate right of the idling SUV, “five knots, south-southeast. Angle of adjust is—“

“Billie,” he broke in, his voice warmly amused. “We’re on recon, not live fire.”

She blinked, and gave her head a quick shake before she glanced his way. She couldn’t tell him she was reacting out of trained instinct because if she let herself think about the situation, she might break. Melanie was counting on her. She had to keep it together.

“Right.” She flashed him a tight smile. “Old habit.”

She turned her attention back to the scope. “What do you think they’re waiting for?”

The stretch of silence flipped her heart over in her chest. His grim expression, when she glanced his way, seized the breath in her lungs, even before he muttered, “You don’t want to know.”


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