“Confessions with the Devil” – Excerpt from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc)


The Guardian family is one of the most unusual I’ve ever encountered, in my writing career.  Theirs is a very long family history with an entire world most of our accepted world deems little more than myth and legend.  This is the first series I’ve ever worked with where I actually had to draft a character packet for an entire family structure, and I had to do that before I started on a single one of its members.

When I got to identical twins Jason and Jesse Guardian, I discovered how different twins can really become, when the paranormal is part of their lives.  Jesse Guardian, especially, caught my attention. He’s the reluctant participant in the family business, dragged into the world of the paranormal by one fateful night, and a poor relationship decision.

“Confessions with the Devil”  – Excerpted from DOUBLE TAKE (Guardians, Inc.  Book #1)

The confessional door creaked closed behind him, and Jesse smirked.  This ought to be good.  He hadn’t been inside a confessional in over a year.  The light came on above him, and Jesse leaned forward and lowered his voice.  “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  It’s been over a year since my last confession.”

Silence reigned for a full minute, before a familiar, reedy voice replied, “We all have crises of faith, my son.”

Jesse laughed quietly.  He didn’t just have a crisis of faith.  He had a crisis of life.

“What sins bring you here today, my son?”

Jesse settled back.  “I don’t know, Father.  Which ones would you like to hear about?  That I’ve tainted my blood with that of the eternally damned?  That I help the creatures of darkness against those who’re trying to exterminate them?”  He leaned forward again, as the devil gripped him and he gave into the need to bait this man.  “Or that I’m confessing to a priest even more tainted than I am.”

A shifting noise, and then a throat cleared.  “For those since which you ask forgiveness, I grant you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”  There was an instant of silence, and then, “This is highly inappropriate, Detective.”

Jesse chuckled.  “Yeah.  But you’ve been dodging me, Father.”

A sigh.  “Meet me in the vestibule in one hour.”

Jesse rose to his feet and reached for the door.  Donovan’s voice stopped him with his hand against the warm wood.  “You know God loves you regardless of what you’ve become.”

Jesse closed his eyes, and gritted his teeth.  “I haven’t become anything, Father.  That’s the whole problem.”

And, before the priest could continue, Jesse pushed out of the confessional, barely missing plowing over a little old lady with her rosary clutched tightly in her hand.  Jesse resisted the urge to laugh as he sidestepped and held the door open for her.  If only she knew she was about to tell her sins to the Devil.


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