“Spotter”: Excerpt from SOMEONE TO DIE FOR (Project Prometheus)

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Strangely enough, this duo came to me with a song. While Logan MacCauley has been skulking around the shadowy outside of several of my other Project Prometheus books (most notably his brother Ryan’s story in Silencing Joy ), I never really had a purpose to delve into his story, or what lay behind those haunted green eyes. Then, listening to music one weekend (music is how I often get my inspiration, since scenes will pop into my head, set to the song I’m listening to, if everything lines up right), it all came together. The history between these two is powerful. Their present, and the potential for their future to collapse around them, is even more gripping…


“Spotter” – Excerpt from SOMEONE TO DIE FOR (Project Prometheus)


“I told you, I’m done killing people.”

Logan met her gaze and held it. “We have to do this, Billie. Melanie needs us. You don’t know these people. Not like I do.”

Billie froze, halfway to her feet. She stared at him, her charcoal-grey eyes growing more troubled by the second. Then, wordlessly, she sank back into her seat, her hands folded calmly on the tabletop – a sure sign she was anything but calm. Billie was only this composed when her world was falling apart. He should know. He’d been there the last time it crumbled around her, too.

Silence stretched between them, a contest of wills he was far too familiar with, and way too adept at. He nearly smiled, except there was nothing to smile about.

Heartbeats of time, and then Billie’s gaze dropped from his, and she heaved a sigh. “All right. What aren’t you telling me?”

“Have you ever heard of the Brotherhood of Spiders?”

Billie frowned, her expression thoughtful, then shook her head. “I don’t think so. This have anything to do with why you went to Italy?”

He stared her down. “You know why I went to Italy.”

Her gaze dropped again, and she rasped, “Yeah. Guess so.”

“The Brotherhood of Spiders is why I left Italy. Ryan called me.”

Billie’s gaze snapped up, shocked. Logan tamped down dark amusement. He couldn’t blame her for her shock. He and Ryan didn’t talk. Back when they’d been partners, he’d confided enough of his childhood in Billie, and his guilt over not protecting his little brother better, he knew she’d draw the right inferences. Unless Ryan called him – which Ryan almost never did – they didn’t talk. Ever.


It was his turn to avoid her gaze, even as tension roiled through him. “He needed a sniper team.”

An indrawn breath, followed by dead silence, drew his attention, to find Billie’s worried gaze on him. “You told him no.”

Logan scowled. “It’s not like I had a spotter. His target was high priority – it needed done by the numbers, not half-assed.”


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