“Friendly Persuasion” – Excerpt from DAUGHTER OF ASHES (Legends of Tirum)

Daughter of AshesI’m a Suspense writer, when it comes down to it. While I’m eclectic in my reading tastes, I’ve always preferred to write Suspense, and most of my work up until now has been what I call Bradbury-style Science Fiction (ie, Science Fiction slanted toward the societal and human aspects of Science. Some people call it “soft Science Fiction”… but that never seemed right, to me). Yes, I tack on the “Romantic Elements” part, as the human heart and human motivations are fascinating to me.  One thing that it never really occurred to me to write, for a long time, is Fantasy. It just never seemed gritty or real enough for me.

One day, in my “doodling” (random writing of sentences and scenes to get the creative juices flowing), I penned a line that would change my viewpoint on Fantasy completely.  It would become the core motivation of an entire journey into a world full of magic, mystery, and a few surprises I won’t yet divulge 🙂 … and introduced me to a character with a story every bit as real as any I’d written so far.


“Friendly Persuasion” – Excerpted from DAUGHTER OF ASHES (Legends of Tirum, Book #1)

Inside the cave, Telyn removed her ruined woolen cloak and tossed it to one side in a disgusted motion.  Not that taking her frustration out on the cloak solved her problems, but it did make her feel more in charge of a situation already spiraling out of control.  She liked that cloak!  It was a mud-brown length of marmot wool that, while not particularly costly, was her favorite riding cloak.  That drab brown garment had offered her anonymity on many occasions when her only other cloak – a scarlet length of brushed fleece her mother had gifted her with – would have made her presence painfully apparent.

“What’s riding you?”

She turned from her contemplation of the cloak to find Nacaris at her side, his long hair and clothing dripping miniature puddles on the dirt floor of the cavern.  She sighed heavily, and shook her head.  She owed him an apology.  No time like the present.

“Nacaris, I—“

“Shh.”  One long, capable finger pressed to her lips.  “I figured out what you were trying to say.  You’re right – you don’t know me well enough to see me as a friend, no matter what else we share, and I can’t give you the answers you’re looking for.”

She turned toward him, her body instinctively seeking his warmth.  “Why not?  Are you running from someone?”

He chuckled, then sighed.  “No, not exactly.”

She frowned.  “What is it, then, exactly?”

“I can’t tell you.”

The grim set of his mouth and features told her how determined he was to keep his secret.  With a sigh, Telyn leaned into him, sliding her arms around his waist and pressed her face to his damp chest.  “We’re all right?”

His arms came around her, squeezing her against himself as he dropped a kiss on her head.  “Always.”

Relief sighed through her.   Perhaps her luck wasn’t as foul as she believed.


DAUGHTER OF ASHES is available from Desert Breeze Publishing.  Find out more about Legends of Tirum at www.esthermitchell.com


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