“Dark Protector” – Excerpt from HONOR’S CAPTIVE (Icarian Chronicles)

This is a little something I recently cooked up for a fantasy series I’m working on… Hope you enjoy it!  As always, please leave comments, after you read. I schedule my writing and release schedule around the feedback I get, so if you want to see something come to print, I have to know you’re interested! 🙂


“Dark Protector” – Excerpted from HONOR’S CAPTIVE

copyright 2008 by Esther Mitchell

She had to traverse the river, if she wanted to hide from the Empress’ men.  Cila knew this.  Her nose wrinkled as her blue gaze drifted beyond the smoothly-cobbled path to the leaf-strewn, damp ground of the surrounding forest.  The thought of rotting autumn leaves squishing between her bare toes sent a shudder of dread through her.

“I can’t do it.”

Her companion turned, his dark eyes boring into her and his expression darker still.  She took a hesitant step backward.  She wanted to believe Cort would never harm her, but he was a Darkling – half warrior, half magus, and all dangerous.  And, in a moment of weakness, she’d agreed to trust him with her life.

“You will do it.”

“I won’t.”  She shook her head and set her chin firmly.  She was the daughter of Narsus and Shali D’Gillis.  Blood kin to royalty flowed in her veins, and she wouldn’t be ordered about by any half-breed Darkling bastard.

Cort’s jaw hardened, and he took a menacing step toward her.  His voice, when he spoke next, hissed with steel and fire, hidden beneath the smoothness of silk.  “You will either ford that river now, Your Ladyship, or I will toss you in it on your royal backside.”

Her mouth gaped open, and a frisson of fear struck through her.  He meant it.  But… but.. he couldn’t!  He wouldn’t really dare to touch her… “You wouldn’t dare!”

Those firm lips twisted into an ugly remnant of a smile.  “Is that a challenge, Lady D’Gillis?”

With a sinking heart, Cila knew she was in very deep trouble.


2 thoughts on ““Dark Protector” – Excerpt from HONOR’S CAPTIVE (Icarian Chronicles)

  1. Great writing, Esther! Love your blog. : )

  2. Valerie says:

    Oh, and probably in very deep water…hehe!!!

    Love it, Esther!! You always capture so much emotion and feelings. I could smell those rotting leaves and feel the tension between these two.

    Well done!!


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