“Dangerous Mission” – Excerpt from TERROR IN FLIGHT (Project Prometheus)

Project Prometheus BadgeProject Prometheus was one of my first forays into the world of Paranormal Fiction. I have a long history with the paranormal, and a lot of education in that arena (among others). In the late 1990s,  I crossed two of my areas of expertise — the paranormal, and military fiction.  In the nearly fifteen years since I first began work on In Her Name (the first Project Prometheus book), the series has grown from one book ( In Her Name was originally supposed to be a single novel by itself) to over 40 books (and growing).


This excerpt is unedited, and comes from a book later on in the series.

“Dangerous Mission” – Excerpted from TERROR IN FLIGHT (Project Prometheus)

“I’ve got a job for you.”

Shanna Garrett lifted one brow in surprise as she settled into the chair opposite her boss and friend, Matt Raleigh. She’d been here at the Temple of Ishtar long enough to know that playing guard to these women was a function he didn’t take lightly. Iraq was a war zone. “I thought I already had one.”

Matt’s lips flickered upward in a tired smile, and worry gnawed at Shanna. Ever since he came back from Morocco, Matt looked like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. At forty-one, he was still too young to look like her father, but the lines of his face carved deeper every day, and Shanna knew his wife, Manara, worried about him, too. And when Manara worried…

“I have backup coming in to take up your duties, here.” Matt’s words broke through Shanna’s concern, and she met his hazel eyes in surprise. His smile fell completely. “We have a situation in Chechnya that calls for your unique skill set.”

Shanna’s eyes dropped and she chewed her lower lip at that. Matt Raleigh didn’t mince his words. Whatever was going on in Chechnya, it had Delta-level written all over it. And she wasn’t sure she was up to the job, anymore. She took the guard post here in Iraq to keep her skills current, and in the hope that being in this place would heal her scarred soul. Moisture blurred her eyes, and she blinked it away. Dammit, she didn’t cry. She wouldn’t allow herself to cry.

“What’s the job?”

A file slid across the desk between them. “Deep cover extraction.”

She swallowed back her immediate denial. She wasn’t ready for that kind of load, yet. But she already knew Matt wouldn’t ask if he didn’t think it was time. She wallowed in self-pity and fear for too long, now. Still…. “Why me? There are lots of other agents better qualified. Ryan—“

“He’s male.” Matt sighed as her head lifted sharply, and forestalled her angry protest with an upraised hand. “This mission requires a woman’s touch.”

She subsided. “Sarah, then.”

“It’s a Delta-level, Shanna. Sarah’s five months pregnant.”

Panic gripped her. There had to be another option. “Misty—“

“No way. As long as she keeps thinking she sees her dead husband, she’s not stable enough for this kind of mission.”

Shanna’s eyes closed as she fought the swell of terror. She knew Amanda Pierce was in the middle of a rescue mission of her own, and Moira had two kids who needed her. But there was always… “Claire!”

Matt heaved an exasperated sigh. “She’s an assassin, Shanna, not a recovery operative. Face it, you’re the best choice.”

“I’m not ready.” The words popped out of her mouth before she could bite them back.

His sympathetic gaze stabbed her. In another life, she would have jumped at this mission. But, in that other life, she hadn’t watched her client, her own brother, die. In that other life, she hadn’t failed someone she loved.


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