Truth Revealed: Excerpt from SISTER OF DRAGONS (Legends of Tirum)

Sister of Dragons CoverLegends of Tirum is not my first foray into the world of Fantasy, but it has the distinction of being one of the most emotionally impactful. Because it follows the same set of main characters, particularly the warrior-woman Telyn, I had the chance to let you, the readers, get to know these characters in a much deeper way than any other Fantasy series I’ve had a hand in.

I introduced Telyn and Nacaris both in Daughter of Ashes, and followed the twists and turns of Telyn’s quest and their changing relationship through Phoenix Rising, Spirit Mage, and Mistress of Cats. Now, we join them on the journey to help two of their friends. A journey that will bring them both back to their shared past, and questions that were left unanswered half a lifetime before.

Excerpt from Sister of Dragons (Legends of Tirum, Book 5):

“What’s bothering you, Telyn?”

She glanced up at Nacaris in surprise, and then sighed. Of course he’d be able to tell she was worried.

“What if he’s forgotten me?”

Nacaris’ laughter rang with disbelief. “I doubt all the time in existence could blank you from Dariadus’ mind. Don’t you remember what Marat told you, in Ulambara?”

She relaxed slightly as she recalled the Mummer they encountered in the Gild’s holiest city. He’d welcomed them with open arms. If she was banished by Dariadus, surely Marat would have been more wary?

“Besides,” Nacaris continued, as if unaware of her change in demeanor, “if anyone should worry about his reception, it should be me.”

Her lavender gaze snapped his way as a knife of concern sliced through her. “Why?”

“Dariadus banished me himself, after you left.” He frowned, his gaze averted from hers. “After I held him at the point of my blade and threatened to kill him if he didn’t tell me where you’d gone.”

Telyn barely contained her gasp as she stared at her lover in a mingling of horror and gratitude. This man traded a life he loved for the rootless wandering of a mercenary, all because he loved her?

“Why?” She asked again, her voice rough with unshed tears. “Why would you give it all up for someone like me?”

“You still don’t understand, do you?”

She glared at him. “Understand what?”

He reached out, took her hand, and lifted it, gauntlet and all, to his lips. “Without you, Telyn, the rest means nothing.”


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