Unexpected Life: Behind the Scenes for the Writing of SHADOW WALKER

A lot of what I write touches my heart in some way, but there’s not a lot that actually shocks me. This book managed to do the latter, in spades.

SHADOW WALKER is the book that never should have been, but wouldn’t let me not write it. I figured, at the end of IN HER NAME, Trevor Watkins was pretty much done for. By HOPE OF HEAVEN, I figured it was just a matter of time, and if I wrote any further books, I’d be featuring his funeral in one of them. So, imagine my surprise when not only did he wake up from his coma, but he woke up with a story to tell — a story of betrayal, misunderstanding, guilt, and, above all, a love that refused to be extinguished by any of those.

When I started writing SHADOW WALKER, even with a firm outline in mind that clearly told me how it would end, I didn’t expect it to work. The odds seemed insurmountable, and the characters kept running away from each other, either physically or emotionally, just like they’d done for a decade. I was utterly convinced I would get to the end, hate the story, and consign it forever to my shredded idea pile.

That never happened. Instead, I watched two people with a world of pain and tragedy between them take the ultimate leap of faith, I watched a man firmly entrenched in the physical world, who learned to never forgive a betrayal as a child, open himself to a world of mystery that would require the ultimate forgiveness, to be realized. And I watched a woman battered and bleeding on the inside for a crime she didn’t commit, a woman of sound, practical logic who has denied her heritage and all that comes with it, become a truly powerful woman, spiritually, and take the biggest risk anyone is ever asked to take.

Add into all of that a boy whose one wish has always been to know his father, a dangerous psychopath with an agenda that could mean one or all of their deaths, and a bitter, angry sibling intent on causing pain, and SHADOW WALKER came to vibrant, amazing life… And became one of my favorite stories to tell.

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