Surprising Twists: The Writing of HOPE OF HEAVEN and the True Genesis of the Prometheans

After IN HER NAME, I really didn’t intend to write any further books using that story line. I figured, I told the story I needed to tell, and that was that, and I planned to move on to other projects.

Was I ever wrong! 🙂

About a month after I finished writing IN HER NAME, I sat down to start a new project. I wanted to do something with another paranormal twist, but I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go with it. So I decided to sit down and free-write a scene (this is a technique I often used just to get the creative juices flowing… like a kind of mental coin toss or die roll… Wherever it lands, that’s where I try to aim for).

Imagine my surprise when instantly, upon starting the free-write, a very familiar face cropped up… A man I left confined to a wheelchair, battered physically and spiritually, at the end of IN HER NAME. And the scene that rolled out… wow! As soon as it hit the page, I knew. I just knew I had to tell his story. I knew I had to know what made this guy tick.

His name? Peter Talladay. Matt Raleigh’s right-hand man and best friend. A man with the kind of loyalty no one ever has to question, and a dark past he’s done his absolute best to leave behind himself, by putting himself into self-imposed exile, until his loyalty to the man who once saved his life forced him home, and face-to-face with another character I never saw coming. She was supposed to be a bit-part character for another series, and nothing more. She literally came to life on the drafting pages of HOPE OF HEAVEN.

I’ve always had a fascination with Celtic mythology, and a lot of questions about the Irish Republican Army. Both led me into the stacks at the library, in search of answers. And HOPE OF HEAVEN was born, becoming the true genesis point for my Project Prometheus series, as I realized in writing HOPE OF HEAVEN that I couldn’t avoid the other stories I set into motion with IN HER NAME. Not only did they play major supporting roles in HOPE OF HEAVEN, but they roused a lot more questions that needed answered — in the form of other books.

HOPE OF HEAVEN is the first time I put a protagonist in real, true danger of dying without ever being found. It’s also the first time I brought characters from a previous book forward in a very necessary and pivotal capacity to the current story, without them still being the primary focus of the story.

So prepare yourself to meet battered-but-not-beaten Peter Talladay and spunky and determined to hate him Dr. Hope MacKenzie (who, incidentally, is a blood relation of a character in a completely different paranormal series of mine… there are a number of crossover points between the two series), in HOPE OF HEAVEN, coming in 2015 from Desert Breeze Publishing.



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