Story Behind the Story: Bringing Project Prometheus and IN HER NAME to life

While there are stories that have clearly been with me longer, there are few characters who ever compelled me more to write their story than Matt Raleigh and Manara Binte Alzena.

The idea first came to me in the late 1990s, and Manara wouldn’t stay silent. I’d find myself jotting notes or scenes at random times — even waking in the middle of the night with scenes running through my head. I’d never attempted a story this complicated, before — not only does it contain elements of romance and mystery, but it also contains a spy thriller twist or two, and the introduction to a battle that’s been waging for thousands of years, along with demons, gods, and priestesses of gods… and a whole host of surprises.

I started out with a barely drafted idea, an oddball cast of characters I wasn’t sure were even going to play nice together, and the knowledge that I had a very long road of research ahead of me. I started my research in June of 2000. For the next year, I drafted my outline, researched, re-drafted the outline, researched some more, re-drafted the outline, and wrote scenes in amongst it all that I wasn’t sure would even make it into the final book. Then, in the midst of my final research jag (ironically enough, into Iraq and terrorism), 9/11 happened, and IN HER NAME took on a new and unexpected twist… a “character” I hadn’t planned on — a demon desiring to be free of his captivity, and capable of turning sane men into monsters who would do his bidding, no matter how bloody. Urusat remains one of my more terrifying creations.

But it was Matt and Manara who surprised me most, in the end. They started out the most unlikely of a pair. I really wondered at times if the events in the story would drive them apart forever. Even I had no idea where the story was going — I had a plan, but they weren’t following it *lol* — and I was absolutely, completely unprepared for the ending. 🙂

Originally, I planned for IN HER NAME to be a stand-alone book. Imagine my surprise, nearly 40 book concepts later, to discover not only did I have a series (Project Prometheus), but also several sub-series within the main series.

So, I’m going to give you a few glimpses of their story, which will be available from Desert Breeze Publishing on September 11, 2014.  Stay tuned… here comes IN HER NAME (Project Prometheus, Atlantis Silver, Book #1)


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