Entering the Dark: Are You Ready?

Get ready, everyone… Because I’m about to make some changes around here.  I’ve decided that, in order for people to truly understand where my stories come from, you all really need to be able to take a peek inside my head.

I’ll warn you now, it’s not a pretty place to be.  It’s a maze full of half-forgotten terrors, boxed up and locked up pain, and a host of personal demons I’ve been working long and hard to banish over the years.

But if you’re brave enough, and willing to tread the darkened passageways of my mind and my past, you’ll see the one thing I’ve always been certain of — the bright light that radiates from the center of my life — the soul I’ve clung to and returned to time after time.  Hope, love, and joy — tucked away at the center of my being, in much the same way those same bright lights weave through even my darkest tales…

So, if you’re ready… prepare to enter the darkness…


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