Things That Go Bump In the Night

Since it’s October, and spookiness often abounds, this time of year, I thought I’d ratchet things back just a little bit, and stir up a different kind of energy.

We’re all used to being scared out of our minds by things we don’t understand, but which we have been told are evil or bad for us.  Fear seems to be the universal human reaction to the unknown.  And nowhere is that more underscored than when it comes to the paranormal.

Hollywood has taught us to fear the spirits of the departed.  They’ve taught us that ghosts only come back for revenge, that they’re gruesome and sinister and, above all, dangerous.

Modern society (and Hollywood) have also taught us to fear those things that do not exist on our plane.  They’ve taught us that anything we believe in as children is not real, and is best ignored, and then taught us that what we’ve chosen to blind ourselves to must be evil, and therefore to be feared.

I grew up in an environment very much like that.  As a small child, my senses were fostered as “an active imagination” – which soon turned to “grow up” and “stop telling stories” as I drew nearer to adolescence, and they wanted it all to go away.

It never really did.

I’m here to tell you that ghosts aren’t necessarily evil.  They are the spirits of departed human beings.  Yes, evil people (in life) can return (or never leave) as evil ghosts.  They can do horrible, terrible things from that side – but, then again, they did them from THIS side, too.  However, in much the same way that those evil people are in the minority in our living world, so too are evil spirits of the departed in the minority.  While these are the only ones Hollywood and modern ghost stories usually see fit to tell us about, they make up only a small fraction of the spirit world population.  The vast majority of spiritual presences in this world are benign or even benevolent.  They’re people, just like you and I.  Unless you’re afraid of every person you pass on the street, there’s no reason to be afraid of every ghost who crosses your path.  I’ve shared a number of homes and working establishments quite peacefully with the spirits of the departed.  I treat them as I would wish to be treated (with respect and dignity), and we get along just fine.

I’m also here to tell you that those creatures of myth and legend that you thought weren’t real?  Well, most of them are.

As a child, I lived in England.  And I spent many an afternoon ensconced within the arms of an old oak tree, conversing with creatures – both beautiful and odd – I was later told “didn’t exist.”  I spent nights that I was afraid to go to sleep (not because of what was in the darkness, but because of what haunted my dreams) whispering with the Brownies who lived within the walls of our home.

Many of those creatures and spirits have followed me throughout my life.  They are my friends, and I don’t care if that makes me crazy in the eyes of some people.

However, my very first encounter with a spirit was at the age of two – a young man who’d been killed in combat, and who often came to keep me company while I colored or played – like a watchful older brother or father, intent to keep me safe.  Though it’s been over thirty years since then, and I’ve never encountered him again, those visits formed the foundation for my life, and my understanding that, no matter what others said, there really IS “more to heaven and earth” out there.

Have you ever had an experience with the Other  Side?  If so, and you feel like sharing, I’d be interested to hear. 🙂


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