“Leap of Faith” – Excerpt from VIRTUAL DARKNESS (Guardians, Inc)



13 Virtual Darkness 01What happens when an immortal creature supposed to be nothing more than myth takes human form to escape total annihilation?  … Meet Ryan Jaspar – the last of his kind.  He’ll do anything to stay hidden from the Crucibani, a secret religious order determined to see him dead.  But when he meets up with Guardians, Inc.’s spunky receptionist, he’ll have to do something that’s totally against his nature – he’ll have to learn to trust a human, again.


“Leap of Faith”  — excerpted from Virtual Darkness (Guardians, Inc)


“We have to jump.”  He grasped her hand securely and drew energy for the descent.  A few more moments, and the Crucibani would realize where they’d gone.


Her disbelief was emphasized by the way she dug her heels in and refused to move.  For such a waif, she was suddenly a completely immovable object.  And he didn’t have time for her stubbornness.  Already, he could feel the energy dissipating.

“Yes, jump.”  He glanced toward the stairwell door again.  “And quickly.”

“We’re twelve stories up!  Are you serious?”

“Very.  Kylie—”

“You’re crazy!”  She tugged backward, and they were playing tug-of-war with her arm.  Their eyes met, and he read fear in her grey-green eyes.  And suddenly, he saw the drop through her eyes.  She was afraid of dying.

He focused his energy as he stared into her eyes until the crackle of energy rose around them both, and her eyes widened as a small gasp flew from her lips.  His mouth curved up at the edges, seductively persuasive.

“Trust me, Kylie.”

Her expression was dubious, and she eyed him warily.  “Who are you?”

His brow furrowed.  He wanted to avoid this; especially now.  She wouldn’t believe the truth if he told her.  “You already know me.”

He tugged her hand to get her moving again, but again she resisted him, her narrowed eyes full of accusations.

“No.  I mean, who are you really?  Why are there Crucibani chasing us?”

It was his turn to freeze, as surprise gripped him.  How did this waif of a human know about Crucibani?

“How—?” he picked up the sound of feet pounding on the stairs, two floors below them.  “Never mind.  Now isn’t the time.”

“Actually,” she eyed to edge of the building again, and the empty air beyond.  “If you expect me to throw myself off of a twelve-story building, your timing couldn’t be more perfect.”


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