The Historian

Okay, so everyone’s always on me to get out there and show how interesting I am…

Ummm…. moi?

Truth is, I don’t find myself all that interesting, but then again, it’s my life, so I guess I’m entitled to find it a tad boring at times…

I’m not a big political commentator,  so don’t expect to ever see me actively rant about any politics unless they directly impact me or a cause I believe in.  Instead of political commentary, you’re much more likely to get a science or history lesson from me.  I know, not the most interesting of subjects to most people.  Personally, however, I find history and science, and what they provide us, to be fascinating. History and mythology, especially, make up the building blocks of modern society.  Anthropologically, they’ve made us what we are.  Many people run screaming from it, because the way in which they learned about history was through a bored, monotonous teacher somewhere who didn’t care about the subject any more than the students did.

I count myself blessed, in that regard.  I learned about history by being a part of it.  I got to see history being made around me, every day.  I got to walk in the footsteps of Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, and Julius Caesar.  I stood in the vaulted, stain-glassed and painted wonder of Westminster, Koln, and the Sistine Chapel.   I trod the grounds of Falkirk, Senlac, and Tara.  I’ve stood in sad reverence at Normandy, Dachau, and Wounded Knee.  And I could hear the clash of steel, the sound of angelic choirs, the thundering pound of hooves.  From it all, I learned something greater than history.  I learned that the past is a very real and living part of the present, and the future.  It never goes away.  And I’ve made it a part of my own life to help others see the amazing, rich tapestry of history.

Do I write historical fiction?  No.  Predominantly, I write Suspense. However, history always has a way of sneaking in the back door, making itself at home in the background of every story I write.  And I’m pleased to give it a place.



One thought on “The Historian

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