The Buzz: In the Black

So, I’m sure anyone who’s come through my website to this blog, recently, has probably noticed the changes (well, that’s assuming you’ve visited before!)… I’m sure you’re asking yourself “What gives?  Has she gone off the deep end?”

*grin* The answer, my dear friends, is NO, I haven’t gone off the deep end.  Finally, I’m introducing the world to the REAL me… I like black.  No, take that back… I LOVE black.  I love red.  I love to explore the dark and dangerous side of the world, to delve into the depths of the human psyche and see what lurks there, waiting to be found out.

The world I deal with in my daily life is far from serene or “Happily Ever After”… Instead, it reads more like the TRUE Fairy Tales of Yore… dark, and full of mythic themes and dangerous beings which defy our very nightmares.

So, does this mean I’ve slid into Horror?  *laughs* Perish the thought.  Because, believe it or not, I do still believe in the power of Love.  I believe in its power to pull us out of the darkness, to allow us to glimpse the wonder of a world beyond fear, prejudice and hatred.  I believe in the concept of the Soul Mate, and in the power of love to endure past even death itself.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the kind of Romance I believe in, check out the Free Reads section of this blog, or (if you haven’t already) visit my website at and have a look around.  And, if you’re interested (or feeling particularly adventurous, check out my current releases, IN HER NAME and HOPE OF HEAVEN at Aspen Mountain Press ( or my Near-Future Speculative Fiction offering, TAMIA, at Under the Moon ( )


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