Exploring the Future

I bet half of you immediately perked up and thought “Oh, wow… A SF excerpt!” 🙂

Not today.  I’m embarking on a new phase of my life, where I’ll be exploring the different facets of my life, and allowing you a little peek into who I am underneath it all.

Sound scary?  It is, but it’s also necessary for you to understand the me behind the writing.  There are a great many things people don’t know about me.  Things that would surprise even my closest friends and family to learn.  But, dear readers, these areas of my life are already an open book (pun intended) to you.  You just may not be aware of how much you know about me, after reading my books.

For example, those of you who had a chance to read my Underground series (before the publisher went under… for the rest, don’t worry… I’m working damned hard to get my books back out there) know I wanted to be a Marine… Health issues got in the way of that.  A lot of other details of my life come into focus through that series, but it’s far from the only one that takes a peek inside my life.

Readers of Project Prometheus (available from Aspen Mountain Press at www.aspenmountainpress.com ), for example, will learn I have a deep attachment to the spiritual, and that it tends to filter into all aspects of my life, including my writing.  You’ll meet demons and angels and Fae… Gods, goddesses, mythic heroes, and creatures from the collective mythology of the world.  Project Prometheus, beginning with IN HER NAME, explores the deep mysteries many have chosen to ignore, in our modern world of computers and gadgets.

Going forward, you may start to see some very distinct changes to my website, blogs, and more.  I think this is a very positive and exciting event, and I hope you all agree.

To learn more about me and my books, visit my website (http://www.esthermitchell.com ) and do a little exploring of your own… You might be surprised at what you find along the way! )


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